Webside from OUER Living History Society " FRONTLEVEN 40 - 45 v.z.w.
- Vereniging Voor Levende Geschiedenis "   Website from the US workgroup "104th ID" also known as the "Timberwolves Division" from ouer Living History Society " FRONTLEVEN 40 - 45 v.z.w.- Vereniging Voor Levende Geschiedenis Page on Facebook from ouer workgroup, German panzergrenadiere (1./Pz. Gren. Rgt.2 ) Marine Artillerie Abteilung 204 Blog from ouer workgroup, Marine Artillerie Abteilung 204
A British re-enactment group, portray
Infantry Regiment 27-12th Infantry Division of the Wehrmacht in WW 2, periode 1939 -1941
(ex Der Adler group) Kampfgruppe Sud/ Battlegroup south
A re-enactment and vehicle group of Ireland Homepage to the 4./Fallschirmpionierbataillon 5
A re-enactment and vehicle group of Germany Homepage to the Fallschirmjäger-Rgt.3 website.
WW2 Living History Reenactment group based in Florida Welcome to!
The website of Kampfgruppe Martz made up of units 1./LL Sturm Rgt, 3./Fallschirm Pi Btl 1 and 7./Fallschirm Rgt 4.

Willkommen bei Fallschirmjä
WW2 Living History Reenactment group based in Texas The website of Spearhead, aLiving History Re-enactment and vehicle group based in Belgium. The name Pattern ’37 represents a group of friends living in Flanders who all have a fundamental interest in the period of 1939 – 1945, the period of World War II

2 - WW2 LINKS WW2 site with information about the organisation off the German Army
Welkom to World War II day by day
This site should be a source of information to everyone interested in military operations 1939-1945.The site is apolitical and not related to any right wing party or organization.It gives information about daily operations of all parts of the German Wehrmacht, uniforms, ranks, unit emblems, Orders of battle, Gliederungen and much more.
Axis Historie Factbook
The site is an apolitical site deticated to the historie of the third reich and its allies.This is not a nazi site and i am not a nazi! - research on the German armed forces 1918-1945 is a non political German military history research site.Our focus is on the German armed forces during the most tumultuous peroid of the 20the century, the time between 1918 and 1945 --- Then and Now / BATTLEFIELD
Toen en Nu / SLAGVELDEN Alles over de Tweede Wereldoorlog.
Everything about The Second World War. The World At War, History Of WW1939-1945

Dutch site:Vliegveld Valkenburg, mei 1940 Website with information from the Belgian army in 1940
Especially uniforms and equipment Website with information from the Belgian army 1915 - 1940
Especially uniforms and equipment Dutch site:De strijd om zuidfront van de vesting Holland, mei 1940 The primary focus of Wehrmacht History is on all military vehicles planes, ships, and weapons from 1935 to 1945 used by Heer (army), Luftwaffe (Airforce), Kriegsmarine (Navy), U-boats (Submarines), Waffen SS (Hitler's Elite), and secondary their Leaders.

Overzicht van de gevechten die plaatshadden in tweede wereldoorlog aan het Kempisch Kanaal. De vergeten veldslagen.

Overview of the battles that have taken place during the Second World War besides the Escaut Canals. The forgotten battles. A non-political, military history website GERMAN WAR MACHINE


Welcome to Free Military Manuals in pdf format, The main aim of this website is to bring WWII German Military Manuals no longer in print into the public domain for free, Unlike many other sites who try to charge for this service. Please feel free to download any Military Manuals, share and republish. Please help this website grow by linking to me.




Link to the website of to the makers of the filmproject: GEHEIM.
DUTCH ONLY ! The official website for Fort Eben-Emael
WW2 war museum, the Adegem, founded as a tribute to the Canadian Armed Forces who liberated Flemish Belgium. From September 14-2006 in the Netherlands in the cinema.
The Trailer is on the site from this moment.
Website for the new movie " zwartboek " van Paul Verhoeven Dutch site with links to other information WWII Songs German and other songs of WW2 PRIVATE UNIFORM COLLECTION
A collection of authentic ww2 uniforms ,
With several ww2 camouflage Fallschirmjäger uniformes on mannequins Brunssum war cemetery
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Studio and Field Portraits of German Paratroops in World War II
By Chris Mason & Eric Queen
A Pictorial History of the Fallschirm-Infanterie
By Eric Queen
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